Presenting Christ in the High Country...

High in the Canadian Rockies glacial ice melts.  Cascading downwards it collects and forms a pristine lake. 

The water draining at the south end of the lake tumbles into and along the valley floor.  Twisting and turning it is strengthened by the convergence of many other streams.

By the time this river flows through the Banff town site and thunders over the falls it has become an object of beauty and wonder. 

It has provided refreshment and life to every living thing from the heights of Bow Summit to the plains below Mount Yamnuska...
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​​“Every member of Banff’s Full Gospel Church, inspired, equipped and united in using their unique gifts to impact the Bow Valley with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.”

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​​A cedar log cabin church that houses an international body of believers -- surrounded by mountain vistas of Rundle, Cascade, Tunnel, Sulphur, and Stoney Squaw.

Discover our Sunday Worship Services as well as Mid-week fucntions and other activities.​

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  • Still6:15
  • Lord I offer my Life3:48
  • How Great is our God4:09
  • This is my Desire3:55

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Presenting Christ in the High Country...